• Venezuela

    Overview of drug laws and legislative trends inVenezuela


    In 1993, Venezuela replaced prison sentences with ‘social security measures’ for possession of up to 2 grams of cocaine and 20 grams of cannabis. Possession for personal use is punished with referral to treatment, which can still lead to obligatory internment in specialized centers.


    Organic Law on Psychotropic and Narcotic Substances.
    Art. 75: “Personal dose is defined as, no more than two (2) grams in the case of cocaine or its derivatives, mixed or composed, with one or various ingredients, and up to twenty (20) grams in the case of cannabis.

    Art. 76: The following safety measures will be applied for the cases stated in the previous article:

    1º  Admission in a rehabilitation center or specialized therapy. 2º Cure or detoxification. 3º Social reintegration of subject. 4º Parole and monitoring upon release. 5º Deportation of foreign, non resident subjects”.

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