Christiania residence ban an abuse of power, contends Danish Institute for Human Rights

Apparent measures to prevent corona infections have been in place since January 7 – and already extended 11 times!
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)
Wednesday, March 31, 2021

christiania2Christoffer Badse, the head of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, has accused the government of abusing its power with the continuance of its residence ban in Christiania, which Copenhagen Police continues to maintain is necessary to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Since January 7, it has been illegal to loiter in the areas known as Pusher Street and the Green Light District, and Badse contends the government should not be using extraordinary powers to fight crime – in this case the sale of cannabis. The ban has now been extended 11 times. Violating the 10:00-24:00 daily ban on loitering carries a potential fine of 2,500 kroner. Badse is concerned the abuse of power could lead to the public ultimately losing its trust in the police.