Cannabis industry has huge economic value for South Africa, but government dragging its feet

The existing and proposed cannabis legislation in South Africa is reactionary and piecemeal, and often has unintended consequences with questionable constitutionality
Daily Maverick (South Africa)
Tuesday, December 13, 2022

south africa daggaThe Draft South African Cannabis Masterplan states that there are up to 900,000 traditional dagga growers in South Africa and that they and ‘dagga’ need to be included in the cannabis value chain, but makes no recommendation as to how this is to be achieved. The current trajectory of industrial and medical cannabis is exclusionary of traditional growers and our indigenous cannabis. The country’s cannabis legislation must enable existing growers to enter and participate in the value chain serving as a pro-poor mechanism to regenerate the rural economy, maximise our competitive advantage of farmers and climate-resilient and drought-tolerant genetics, formalise the massive existing illicit market and negate the necessity for further court challenges on the constitutionality of the legal framework.