Is marijuana really legal in Mexico?

Mexico’s federal judges will now be required to grant appeals for the recreational use of marijuana
El Universal (México)
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mexico’s federal judges will be required to grant amparo appeals for the recreational use of marijuana. However, this does not imply that marijuana has been legalized in Mexico. The Supeme Court of Justice (SCJN) published eight sentences, recognizing the right to the unhindered development of human personality, freedom of thought and expression, as well as the right to good health. With this in mind, the Mexican State is compelled to respect the citizens’ right to use cannabis for recreation purposes. These eight sentences shaped a case-law issued last October through which marijuana cultivation for recreation purposes was endorsed. Nonetheless, this does not translate into an immediate effect for citizens, nor does it imply that they will be able to file amparo appeals right away.