Farmers in western Makwanpur return to marijuana farming due to pandemic-induced poverty

Poor crop harvest for a lack of fertilisers has driven the locals to destroy cash crops and plant marijuana to stay afloat
The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)
Friday, September 11, 2020

nepal cannabis cultivationFarmers in rural municipalities in western Makwanpur district have started cultivating marijuana since the harvest in their maize and millet fields this year will see no returns. Hareram Negi, a local farmer, says maize and millet crops he had planted this year did not produce good yield for a lack of fertilisers. “The harvest is poor. The crops are yellowing,” said Negi. “We won’t have neither crops nor vegetables to sell this year. We are cultivating marijuana to have at least some income to keep us afloat.” After the local level elections in 2017, the police administration in coordination with the people’s representatives had launched a campaign to curb marijuana cultivation in Makwanpur. The local administration had deployed police personnel to destroy illegal marijuana and opium farming in rural areas in the district.