Légalisation contrôlée du cannabis

Rapport du Groupe de travail parlementaire de députés SRC
June 15, 2011

vaillant-rapportThe parliamentary report recommends “controlled legalisation” of the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in France. The report, compiled by a working group of the Socialist Party, headed by the former minister of the Interior Daniel Vaillaint, recommends that the cultivation and sale of cannabis should become a state-controlled activity, like the sale of alcohol and tobacco, and concluded that the government cannot continue to “advocate the illusion of abstinence”.

application-pdfDownload the summary of the report (PDF - in French)
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application-pdfConclusions and Recommendations in English (PDF)

See also: Légaliser le cannabis, mode d’emploi, Journal du Dimanche, 16 Juin 2011 (in French)