How to Regulate Cannabis

A Practical Guide
November 2013

This is a guide to regulating legal markets for the non-medical use of cannabis. It is for policy makers, drug policy reform advocates and affected communities all over the world, who are witnessing the question change from, 'Should we maintain cannabis prohibition?' to 'How will legal regulation work in practice?'

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Just a few years ago, thisbook would have been largely theoretical. Now, however, the cannabisregulation debate has moved decisively into the political mainstream,and multiple cities, states and countries are considering, developing orimplementing a range of regulated market models for the non-medical useof cannabis. So this book draws on evidence not only from decades ofexperience regulating alcohol, tobacco, and medicines, but also fromSpain's non-profit 'cannabis social clubs', commercial cannabisenterprises in the US and the Netherlands, and Uruguay'sgovernment-controlled system of cannabis regulation.

This book will help guide all those interested in cannabis policy through the key practical challenges to developing and implementing an effective regulation approach aimed at achieving the safer, healthier world we all wish to see.