ReLeaf calls on government to decriminalise cannabis cultivation, consumption and sharing

ReLeaf, an organisation campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis, says time for discussion is over, and government should look at introducing proper reforms
Malta Today (Malta)
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

malta reform nowCannabis legalisation advocacy group ReLeaf has told the Prime Minister to get on with the decriminalisation of cannabis cultivation and consumption in a meeting. ReLeaf president Andrew Bonello said decriminalising cannabis would serve to promote human rights, eliminate stigma and promote public health. “Action needs to be taken on the subject. There always seems to be an interest in the issue, but than nothing happens,” he told MaltaToday after the meeting. Decriminalising cultivation, consumption and the right to share marijuana, would serve to reduce the number of small-time offenders, he said. (See also: Decriminalise adult cultivation of cannabis with clear rules, ReLeaf says | Politicians need more humane approach to cannabis users – Releaf)