Decriminalise adult cultivation of cannabis with clear rules, ReLeaf says

Half-baked law on cultivation of cannabis plant has produced confusion over sentencing of people cultivating at home
Malta Today (Malta)
Friday, December 11, 2020

malta cannabis flagReLeaf Malta has reiterated a call for the full decriminalisation of adult cultivation of cannabis by 2021. The cannabis law reform group said the Maltese government should prioritise the right to health and privacy for cannabis consumers, with full decriminalisation of adult consumption ensuring no more persons go through the harrowing experience of the criminal justice system. ReLeaf is advocating for a larger quantity margin for cannabis possession, and a consultative council composed of various stakeholders to develop a rights-based policy for cannabis users. ReLeaf wants adults to be allowed to home-grow cannabis or set up a cannabis ‘social club’ for its consumption. (See also: Cannabis legalisation NGO criticises government for lack of action)