Most French people in favour of legalising cannabis, parliamentary survey finds

Although France has Europe's highest number of cannabis smokers, it also has some of the harshest drug laws
RFI (France)
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

france cannabis2A majority of French are in favour of legalising cannabis for recreational use, according to a recent parliamentary survey. The survey, involving a quarter of a million people, carried out last month by a parliamentary fact-finding mission, showed that more than 80 percent agree that consumption and production should be allowed, governed by law. Only 14 percent believe it should be decriminalised, while nearly five percent believe sanctions against it should be strengthened, but less than one percent believe that France should keep the legal framework the way it is now. “We now know that the legalisation of cannabis is no longer a taboo in France and that our fellow citizens are observing the ineffectiveness of the current legislation in the matter,” said LREM MP Caroline Janvier in a statement.