Burt: Bermuda has ‘no intention’ of tailoring laws to fit UK cannabis conventions

The legislation does not conform to the UK international obligations under the Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs of 1961
The Royal Gazette (Bermuda)
Monday, November 22, 2021

bermuda cannabis reformBermuda’s Government had “no intention” of tailoring its laws licensing cannabis production to fit with the UK’s conventions allowing the drug for medicinal use only. David Burt, the Premier, reiterated that legislation for legal cannabis in Bermuda is set to go before the legislature in the current session of Parliament. The statement came after the Premier’s return from the Joint Ministerial Council in London between the UK Government and elected heads of the Overseas Territories' A question mark hung over the cannabis legislation, passed by the House of Assembly but turned back by the Senate in the last parliamentary session, as to whether it would receive Royal Assent. (See also: A way out of trouble on cannabis reform)