After Malta, Germany set to make pot mainstream

Malta risked isolation in Europe by ‘legalising’ home growing and the sale of cannabis from no-profit clubs but with Germany set to embark on a similar path, the wave could become unstoppable
Malta Today (Malta)
Thursday, December 2, 2021

europe cannabisThe European Union is currently a hotchpotch of different approaches to cannabis use, ranging from complete prohibition to different levels of decriminalisation and tolerance. Even in liberal enclaves like Barcelona and Amsterdam, the sale of cannabis from licensed clubs or outlets, is only allowed on murky legal grounds. But legalisation remains a rarity, with only Luxembourg preceding Malta in plans to legalise home-growing of a limited number of plants. But that is about to change as Germany, the EU’s economic powerhouse and most populous and influential country, is set to embark on legalisation, which could well have an impact across the continent.