Brussels Mayor: ‘Police repression does not work, decriminalise cannabis now’

“Let’s have a calm debate. Cannabis is not a product that should be promoted, but something that should be managed”
The Brussels Times (Belgium)
Monday, July 18, 2022

belgium cannabis handsThe Mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close (PS) renewed his call for cannabis to be decriminalised and removed from the Belgian penal code. Speaking to Le Soir, Close once again urged a ‘great national debate’ on this divisive subject in view of the upcoming 2024 elections. The Brussels Mayor sustains that by taking cannabis out of the hands of criminal groups, the authorities can focus on the trafficking of hard drugs. Close’s comments come as Brussels has seen a wave of drug-related violence in recent months. Since the start of the year, 22 shootings have been recorded in the capital. According to the police, these often have a link with the drug market and trafficking. (See also: Coffee shops will 'hopefully' soon open in Brussels,' says Mayor)