Pirates are preparing to legalize marijuana. Progress cannot be stopped even in the Czech Republic

Pirates cooperate with Vobořil, with the state
Aktuálně (Czech Republic)
Friday, September 16, 2022

czech pirates regulationThe Pirates are fulfilling one of their pre-election promises. Pirates MPs prepared a bill on the legalization of cannabis in cooperation with the national anti-drug coordinator Jindřich Vobořil, an expert the government should trust. The amendment to the drug law wants to make it possible to legally grow up to five plants and keep with you up to 1,250 grams of dry matter. The legalization of licensed sales is also expected. Vobořil already said in June that he is discussing this fundamental change with Petr Fiala (ODS): “We agreed with the Prime Minister that there is a need to respond to the fact that in Germany they are planning to introduce a regulated cannabis market by the end of the year. There are around a hundred companies in the Czech Republic that would like to enter the hemp market. These companies could then export hemp.”