No timeframe yet for cannabis associations

Reforms parliamentary secretary Rebecca Buttigieg says sector is a ‘complex’ one, and ministry is set on doing things ‘properly’
Malta Today (Malta)
Tuesday, November 8, 2022

malta cannabis flagReforms parliamentary secretary Rebecca Buttigieg has refused to give a detailed timeline on when cannabis associations will start operating. “This is a complex sector and I am interested in doing things properly. We will issue our proposals soon,” she said. Last year, Malta became the first country in the EU to officially legalise recreational cannabis use. The law allows possession of up to 7g of cannabis and the growing of four plants at home. It also provides for regulated clubs from where cannabis can be sold to registered members. But despite the legal framework, the cannabis authority is yet to issue licensing for the operation of cannabis authorities, meaning users can either grow their own cannabis, or buy from the black market.