Controlled cannabis sale in Zurich greenlighted

The Swiss health authorities have paved the way for a trial with cannabis in the city of Zurich later this year
Swissinfo (Switzerland)
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

switzerland pilot projectThe Zurich city government and the Zurich University Hospital said that the Federal Office of Public Health approved the conditions for the organic production of two separate strains of cannabis. The project, Zuri Can - Cannabis with Responsibility, is intended to study the impact of regulated cannabis supply on the consumption and health of consumers. The project was delayed last October following objections by the health office. The sale of cannabis products from pharmacies and social clubs to control groups is now due to begin next August. A maximum of 2,100 participants can take part in the large-scale pilot project in Switzerland's biggest city. (See also: Zurich set to legalize cannabis In Swiss trial program)