‘Outlaws’: Morocco’s Rif provides refuge for cannabis farmers

Even as Morocco liberalises some cannabis laws, the Rif continues to be a centre for illicit production
Al Jazeera (Qatar)
Friday, July 28, 2023

morocco cannabis grower1For centuries, the mountains of the Rif have been a centre of cannabis farming. Morocco is to this day the biggest producer of cannabis resin in the world, according to the United Nations. In July 2021 in an effort to improve the economy of one of the poorest regions, the kingdom decided to officially approve a bill legalising the production of cannabis for industrial, medicinal and cosmetic uses in the Rif. Up to now, the local farmers who have made the choice to grow cannabis legally are still few. By May, only about 400 of them had received authorization to begin. According to Khalid Mouna, a Moroccan anthropologist, with a focus on the Rif and kif, the small-scale local farmers might become the ones who will be left behind by the new law.