German government to loosen up cannabis legalisation law

Germany's coalition government has agreed the final draft of the law to legalise cannabis - and plans to relax the rules even more than previously planned
The Local (Germany)
Monday, November 27, 2023

germany legal aber lauterbachRecreational use of cannabis is set to become legal in Germany. The government has agreed the final draft of the legislation that will be discussed and voted on in the Bundestag next year. According to the latest draft, the bill is set to be less strict than previously planned. Possession of up to 50 grams will be allowed - instead of 25g. Criminal liability will only apply from people being in possession of 60g in private areas, and from 30g in public areas. The possession and consumption of cannabis will remain prohibited for young people under the age of 18. In a second later phase, the government plans to set up so-called "model cities" that will pilot the sale of weed in licensed shops. (See also: Ent­kri­mi­na­li­sie­rung zum 1. April 2024)