After 50 years, a Danish commune is shaken from Its utopian dream

The semiautonomous community of Christiania, in the heart of Copenhagen, was created as a post-’60s anarchistic paradise. But violence and drugs may spell its end
The New York Times (US)
Tuesday, December 5, 2023

denmark pusher closed police2Founded in 1971 by squatters on an abandoned military base, Christiania was devised as a post-’60s anarchistic utopia, where people could live outside of Denmark’s market economy. Denmark’s government oscillated between attempting, without much success, to bring the community to heel or turning a blind eye as Christianites flouted property laws and drug laws. But now, after 50 years, with worsening gang violence and fresh attempts by the government to normalize the commune, some residents see their dream of an alternative society fading.