In Indonesia, getting this drug is just a text message away

To buy super tobacco in Indonesia all you need is a mobile phone, an Instagram account and a bank account
Rappler (Philippines)
Monday, January 30, 2017

Gorilla TobaccoSo-called “super tobacco”, particularly a variant known as “Gorilla brand tobacco,” is the street name of a drug that has recently been in the spotlight in Indonesia. It consists of what is mostly normal tobacco that is mixed with a powdered form of the compound AB-CHMINACA, a synthetic cannabinoid - a drug that, though chemically different from cannabis, seeks to simulate the effects of marijuana. Doctors consider AB-CHMINACA to be one of the more dangerous synthetic cannabinoids as, unlike marijuana, which only partially binds to cannabis receptors in the brain, AB-CHMINACA fully binds to receptors, making the effect of the drug all the more powerful. (See also: Cannabis in Indonesia)