Where there’s smoke, there’s political fire

The Legalise it! association plans to launch a citizens’ initiative for the legalisation of cannabis consumption in Switzerland
Swissinfo (Switzerland)
Sunday, July 16, 2017

The rising popularity of marijuana that doesn’t make you high – a product known as “cannabis light” or “CBD cannabis” – is causing a headache for Swiss politicians. It is sold in many Swiss shops and generates millions of Swiss francs in sales. Swiss authorities now ban growing, selling or consuming cannabis with a THC content, the main psychoactive element in the plant, over 1%. Above this limit, cannabis is considered a narcotic. Now, as the legal cannabis market continues to boom in Switzerland, supermarket giant Coop says that by the end of July it will stock the first ever ‘cannabis cigarettes,’ made by a local tobacco producer. The Swiss Customs Administration has now registered 250 manufacturers – a gold rush of sorts since it was just five at the start of the year.