Few Jamaicans in local ganja industry — Dr Lowe

There needs to be better clarity between the Cannabis Licensing Board and the Ministry of Health
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Friday, September 8, 2017

henry loweThere is a negative buzz surrounding Jamaica's budding legal ganja industry. According to Dr Henry Lowe, owner of Medicanja, “It feels like our objective has been to prevent Jamaicans from getting into the business. It's all about what you can't do.” There is a difference of opinion between the Ministry of Health and the Cannabis Licensing Authority concerning where each organisation's authority begins and ends. The high cost is a barrier to entry for locals. “I want to see how many Jamaicans have gotten into medical cannabis. The answer is few, if any…Why? It's expensive, it's very expensive.” In some cases, where there is a Jamaican player, they are simply the front for a foreign entity. (see also: Ganja should fund the high costs of education)