Illegal cannabis plantations becoming more advanced, better hidden

There are around 30 thousand cannabis farms in the Netherlands that steal nearly 1 billion kWh of electricity each year
NL Times (Netherlands)
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Drug criminals are getting better and better at hiding their illegal cannabis plantations, according to grid manager Stedin whose been working with the police on discovering such illegal farms. Last year around a thousand illegal cannabis farms were found in three major cities, 22 percent less than the year before. But Stedin is certain that the number of cannabis farms is on the rise. "Organized crime is become more and more innovative in hiding cannabis farms", Barthjeu Ammerlaan, manager of the fraud department at Stedin, said. "Deeply hidden away in cellars of houses with masked ventilation is where you can find these hard to find plantations." (See also: Dutch councils vie to produce cannabis in bid to cut out criminals)