Is Sweden's zero-tolerance approach to drugs a failing model?

Sweden has one of the highest fatality rates from opioid overdoses in Europe
The Local (Sweden)
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sweden is accustomed to being praised for its forward-thinking approach, but there's one area where many feel it lies behind the curve. The country's "zero tolerance" policy towards drugs is an increasingly isolated one compared to its neighbours, and has even been subject to criticism from the UN. The Local's Sweden In Focus series looks at why Sweden takes such a hard-line stance on drugs, what the consequences are, and if it will ever change. Sweden's long-standing zero-tolerance drugs policy is based on the fundamental vision of a "drug-free society", and was shaped by lobbying group the Association for a Drug-Free Society (RNS). (See also: Drug policy in Sweden: a repressive approach that increases harm | Number of cannabis users in Sweden hits all-time high)