Pusher Street: Christiania’s problem child

Following a shooting in late August, Christiania residents tore down the booths in Pusher Street and vowed to ban the open sale of cannabis
The Murmur (Denmark)
Monday, November 7, 2016

Christiania’s Pusher Street has been through a rough summer. During June and July police carried out a series of raids, removing booths and arresting a number of suspected drug dealers. While the criminal drug-dealing networks tried to rebuild their business in August, the self-proclaimed ‘Freetown’ was once again plunged into chaos when a man with ties to Pusher Street shot two police officers and a civilian outside Christiania. Two months later, some Christiania residents say that Pusher Street is under control, while the police see little to no change. An important rule prohibits non-residents from selling cannabis in Pusher Street, though it is a rule that continues to be flouted.