Paris: Cannabis 'coffee shops' raided and closed by police

Earlier this month French prosecutors signaled they were not happy with the new businesses
The Local (France)
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Police raided the two "coffee shops" and took three people in for questioning. The cafes were immediately closed and it's not clear if they will reopen. The new cannabis-selling shops in Paris, which opened in the 2nd and 11th arrondissements of the city, took advantage of a grey area in the law which has not classified the legal status of CBD (cannabidiol) products made from hemp, including toothpaste, creams, cakes and teas as well as cannabis. The products in these shops are supposed to contain only 0.2 percent of THC which means that they have no effect on a person's mind unlike normal cannabis available illegally. (See also: Cannabis : en France, la bataille du CBD est engagée)