Please allow small farmers to benefit from ganja industry, says senator

Jamaica has the ability to put mechanisms in place that would drive legislation to legalise it
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica)
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Senator Kerensia Morrison is calling on the Government to ensure that small farmers and the little man are not left out of the emerging ganja/cannabis industry. “Perhaps the most critical point that I am going to make on this issue is that our small farmers, the little man, must not be left behind on this lucrative ganja ship,” Senator Morrison said as she opened the 2018/19 State of the Nation Debate in the Senate. "Small traditional ganja farmers, the same ones who were persecuted and who bore the full brunt of the law, the same ones who first believed in the power of the herb, the same ones who were seen as worthless and as criminals, must not be pushed aside by those who never believed in it, but who today have the big bucks to get into the industry,” she said.