Dutch ministers unveil marijuana plans

Ministers say they expect the decision about which local authorities will take part will be made by the end of the year
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Dutch government is to press ahead with experiments in regulated marijuana production involving 10 licenced growers, according to the detailed plans. The long-awaited experiment with regulated growing is supposed to remove the gray area between the sale of marijuana in council-licenced coffee shops and the illegal cultivation and supply. The plans, which were put out to consultation last year, state that the 10 growers will all have to produce at least 10 different types of marijuana product and the thc content will have to be clearly marked on the packaging. The plans have been criticized by the Dutch local authorities association VNG, drugs and legal experts and coffee shop owners. (See also: Holland’s half-baked attempt to return to the marijuana vanguard)